SMS functions enabled

I released a new version of my plugin Westors Elgg Manager. This plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. You can easily search in your messages history.

Admins have more options then normal users, like delete or edit user data, block or unblock user, activate or deactivate.

Now SMS functions are supported. What does this mean?

The SMS provider I use on the backend side is a german one. SMS delivery in germany is possible without problems. I can customize this solution for other providers and in dependency of the feedback I will have contracts with my provider for international delivery.

Everery SMS you send will cause costs for me. Therefore I will limit the number of SMS per sender domain to 6 - one for sender number verification and 5 for sending SMS. This should be enough for demonstration.

If you like to use this, we have to discuss your use cases and your business model to see the options we have and the stuff to implement and the contracts we need.

If you e.g. have a business model, where your users should pay for their SMS, we could implement an account model per user, he/she could be able to charge his account by making a transferal via Pay Pal or other. So he could buy credits for SMS sending. In such a case the user e.g. could donate other users with credits from his own account.

Depending on your use cases we could negotiate, if you could e.g. have a contract with my SMS provider or if you would like to have another provider - in your country, let me know.

Another option could be to have a contract with me and I buy and pay the SMS for you, but lets talk about your plans.

In every case you would have to pay for my development time to make this a customized solution.

Some ideas for SMS sending:

  • user to user
  • user, admin or group owner to many users or group, using of a tmeplate for the message and variables for username
  • your website sends automatic birthday greetings to users
  • populate special river events via SMS (e.g. a new post in special group)
  • appointment alarms
  • adding MMS functions
  • adding answer to website functions

To discuss SMS stuff, please join my community and follow this group: