Site innaccessable...'500 Internal Server Error'


I woke this am and was unable to access my site but got a  '500 Internal Server Error' page or white pages which never loaded.  The first explanation from Arvixe was:

Your account is limited by the number of processes you can host at one time. 15 is the default limit (along with a long list of 'public_html/engine/handlers/pagehandler.php'  plus a few Izap too).

After a second inquiry the explanation from Arvixe was this:

There were multiple copies of this MySQL query running:

| 2831863 | clydek_elgg910 | localhost | clydek_elgg910 | Query | 21857 | Waiting for table | optimize table elgg_system_log_1280283612 |
| 2832030 | clydek_elgg910 | localhost | clydek_elgg910 | Query | 21826 | Waiting for table | optimize table elgg_system_log_1280283612 |

This means it was waiting for a table in the database and it could not access it. This was causing the white pages. A process is a file that runs on the server. 'engine/handlers/pagehandler.php' is something you would need to check with elgg.

Most likely it is not the spammers posting but a module/addon you have on your account that is running and not stopping. Please let us know if you have any questions.

My site is now accessable but without knowing what may have caused this it would be hard for me to prevent it re-occuring.

Can anyone help me with what may have caused this?  How to prevent it again?

Thanks to all for any help.

  • Yuu're hosting with Arvxize . My good luck amigo :-)

  • Actually DhrupDeScoop...they have given me flawless service for many months.

  • @Clyde - looks like you have the log rotation plugin running. It creates rotates out the system log table and creates additional tables like elgg_system_log_1280283612. Those new tables can be exported/dropped depending on your requirements.

    The garbage collector runs the optimize query. You can look in that plugin's start.php for that call. You may want to turn that off.

  • Thanks @Cash...Yes 'log rotation' and 'garbage collector' have both been running since my original install at 'once a month' (I think that was the default...I don't remember playing with either of them).

    Are you suggesting I disable the log rotation and garbage collector mods? (I have no clue what either of them are for or if I need them for my site.)


  • I sure could use some advice on this...I want to prevent this from happening again.

    A search of this here just gave me allot of confusion.

  • If you don't need the system logs, drop the old tables. You could disable the garbage collector plugin.

  • I don't know why I would need the system logs...

    Will disable garbage collector.

    Thanks @ Cash