extend the blog plugins view

hi, im having problems building a theme becouse the default start.php in mi theme cant select other plugins views please help me....

  • Sow is there no simple way like to copy and paste the view of the plugin to mi them and just change it?



  • i dont understand the question

  • i don't whant to edit core files and i whant to modify other plugins view from mi them plugin...

  • you can modify other plugins views most definitely from a theme file. but the CORE components of the plugin are just that, core. anything past the /mod/plugin/views/default would be considered an extendable/overridable view.

    i've been running into this problem with authors embedding their notifications functions in their core plugin files. my only solution so far has been take the function i want to extend, copy it into the action thats being used to call the notification, rename the function and edit the necessary portions, then use my own plugin to override the action.

  • and what i think tunist is looking for is page_handler

  • thanks for the support. :)

    i still haven't found the right way to get a plugin to over-ride a view in another plugin..

    i presently am attempting to over-ride the register.php page.. and because i have the registrationterms mod enabled i am editing the register.php file that is at:


    when i edit that file the changes appear as expected in the browser..

    when i copy that file to my site's theme plugin (which is at the bottom of the plugin list) i do not see the changes in the browser.. I've copied the file to:


    i also looked at using:

    set_view_location("registrationterms/register", "my_theme/views/default/registrationterms/default/account/terms/");


    extend_view ("registrationterms/register", $CONFIG->pluginspath . "my_theme/views/default/registrationterms/default/account/terms/register.php");

    in the start.php for my theme plugin.. but that didn't do it either..


    any ideas?

    thanks again

  • @tunist you should be able to override a view simply by adding the folder hierarchy +file to your own theme. if your case, you used default twice, the second one shouldn't be there. 

  • thanks zak - i attempted your suggestion (noticing that i possibly needed to also change 'terms' to be 'forms') - but still no change in the browser.. 

    i'm wondering if it might be because the registrationterms plugin already is extending the standard register page.. but as i understand how the elgg structure works i think it should be ok..


  • bumpety bump!

    i still haven't resolved this plugin view over-ride conundrum.. does anyone have an idea as to what i'm still missing?


  • @tunist:


    What is the requirement of the two folders in bold? Try the following:


    Core views are temperamental and need to have an exact folder structure in your theme as they do in core I believe.