extend the blog plugins view

hi, im having problems building a theme becouse the default start.php in mi theme cant select other plugins views please help me....

  • Have you tried creating a tempalte and then copy the directory /mod/blog/views/default/blog/css.php/ , put it inside /mod/TEMPLATE/views/default/blog/css.php and make the changes?

    Make sure you have the template at the bottom.


    I, however, had a similar experience. I wanted to change the profile page layout and making the changes inside a template didn't work. So, I had to make the changes on the core files of Elgg.

  • i've also been looking at extending views within plugins via a theme plugin (instead of changing the core), so far i haven't got it to work either.. 

    i added a line to 'start.php' for my theme plugin that looks like it should over-ride the groups view that i want to over-ride but so far no change: 

    extend_view("groups/all", "ie_theme/groups/all");


    i have changed 2 files in the groups plugin, one is 'all.php' and the other is 'group_sort_menu.php' but there doesn't appear to be a relevant 'view' to register an extension to for 'group_sort_menu' and the above codeline hasn't worked for over-riding 'all'.

    i think all our questions have the same or similar answer.. anyone?

    i will keep tinkering

  • success! Dudes stop puling your hairs out it is simple es this

    ex:extending the blogs css:

    copy the blog css from :blog/view/default/blog/css.php

    and paste to


    I lost a lot of hair this day but least I'm happy ELGG is awesome...btw lovely community! xoxoxoxo

  • corection  "your_them/view/default/blog.css"  is  "your_them/view/default/blog/css.php" sorry!

  • BTW IMPORTAN... if the change doesn't happen instantly desable and enable the plug in  you are working with and you should see changes...

  • yes, for css and pageshells, page elements and so on.. 

    but have you got this method to work for a view? as in a page format (HTML+ PHP) ?

  • the view would need to have an extension view placed within it im thinking, thats how the others i've seen extended work.

  • yes Tunis, that was mi main mission but i think that is not made possible with elgg the only way to extend the hole view is to edit the core files witch i don't like to do...but hey i will keep trolling maybe there's a way!

  • the groups plugin itself never calls for elgg_view('groups/all') that i can see, maybe you can override in the theme something like /groups/views/default/groups/contentWrapper.php to add the view thats needed.