Importing data - such as files and pages

Hello, I found various posts about importing users but couldnt find anything about importing data.

I want to import several thousand files into elgg (like a library of documents for people to look up/download etc) as opposed to do them one at a time (in which case I wouldnt bother).  I looked at the mysql tables and at first I thought it would not be too hard for me to do if there were just 2 tables - entities and object_entity to work on - but I think there are more :(  (metadata and metastrings?)  

Anyways I'd like to know if importing data feasible in the first instance, am I right in thinking there are 4 tables affected?  If it is and its rocket science I will try and get someone else to do it.  Is there any documentation about importing data other than groups and users around.


  • not rocket science, but elggscience ;-) data imports into elgg have been done in various situations before - groups, profiles, avatars. i doubt if there's gonna be "documentation" on file imports per`se, but some decent knowledge of the elgg api and the data model will help.

  • Take a look at the file plugin's upload action. That has code for creating the Elgg file objects and creating thumbnails for images (and yes, that code should be pulled out into functions for resuse).

  • Thanks guys.  I had a go with phpmyadmin (I'm not a programmer) it really is a lot more than my brain can work out so I have posted a request in the professional services group. Dave