css and changing the back ground colors

Ok I have been trying to figure out how to change the back ground color.  Where would I do this at?  I would figure in the css file under my theme.  I cant seem to change it still.  Where could I go in the core to chage it.  Any help would be great thanks!

  • You are right to choose the css to change it.

    Once changed and new css file uploaded to your site, you need to run:


    If you are working a lot with the design side of your site and so changing the css file a lot, I recommend you turn simplecache off. This will generally negate the need to run upgrade.php everytime you change the css file.

    search the elgg docs for 'css' and it should help a little bit.

  • Would there be any reason that the css on the theme or the css on the core would be over ran by something? I have made changes to both and upgraded and nothing changes.  I even erased the css from the theme and it has not changed.  I disabled all the pugs and nothing it still stays the same Im lost lol i have tried changing all the color codes and nothing its still the same.  Any ideas would be great!

  • Color changes often take a long time to effect (like some other changes).

    One rule of thumb is: Go to tool administration and enable/disable (or the other way round, as the case may be), any plugin, and the changes will come to effect immediately.

  • Just install the custom style module, microthemes or themer!! You don't need to mess around with any css then...you will find them under the "Plugins"

  • @woodpecker As Trajan says, just go to "Site Administration" and uncheck "Use simple cache".

  • I take less clicks. Just on/off in  a second :)

  • @brandon: The 'overwriting' is done based on the plugin list in your Tools Administration. Stick your theme right at the bottom of the list and see if things change.

    If it still isn't working after what you said you tried, then it may well be a problem with your CSS syntax.

    Post up an example of the code you are trying to use in your theme's CSS file for us to help further.