adding a simple HTML page with no pageshell/layout_canvas to a plugin?

hey all,

i'm looking for a way to add an HTML page/ elgg view to a plugin such that the rendered page has its own URL but is not surrounded by the usual page content (i.e. menu, header, footer and main page background).. so it would be similar to a widget panel but with its own URL..

this is to allow elgg content to be displayed in external apps, such as browser apps.

does anyone know how to go about doing this?

i've read through the docs but the closest i've seen is to over-ride the template system for the entire site, if i understood it correctly.


  • Dhrup can we first talk about what it is that I will be doing i.e. placing a new pageshell inside blogs that creates special view? Blogview, with different page layout, header, no footer, marilyn monroe dancing around inside, you tell me.