Elgg 1.8 theming features?

Hi all,

I know this is a cheap shot, as I could download the 1.8 current build and look for myself,  but I'd really love to hear the experts/core developers on their perception of Elgg 1.8 theming features.

As of today, with Elgg 1.7+, if I get an XHTML/CSS template set for a new social site, I'd probably spend a ridiculous amount of time making that template work across all pages. Even if Elgg, in theory, has a very nice MCV approach.

Quite a number of open source CMS frameworks already tackled this issue, I think Drupal has particulary nice aproach to theming content. Typo3 also has an excellent way to map an xhtml template section to a type of content. I assume, given the history of Elgg core development, that 1.8 will deliver huge in terms of theming.

So my question boils down to this: am I anticipating too much, or 1.8 will really kick ass in terms of theming a site?



  • where is tabbed groups? :-P

    it shows very  great @Cash!

  • @ Lord -    Wonderful please let's discuss ideas about this! Tabbed might be great as well, what do you think? I can host a Fuzemeeting if anyone would like to join. I don't know if Cash is interested in joining an "open forum" online Fuzemeeting discussion on future groups layouts either as core or plugin.

    My main point is GROUP RIVER I think will become a dominant layout and it doesn't even exist yet. Whether we use Group Custom Layout and make a tabbed view or it only has a default group river full wide with "latest" in the left hand column, either in my mind would be big steps forward.

    I am willing to host the meeting if anyone has interest.

  • @TahoeBilly there was a plugin for river on group ... you can find it, if it is still in reposity.

    and yes, tabs is more clear than a lot of widgets (also in load time site). but I think elggteam wants to give a simple way to choose  what layout is better for everyone: I say main tabs on groups and profiles with possibility to add widgets bottom.. it's diplomatic :-)

  • Lord when you say tabs, what do you mean, the owner block menu across the top and ajaxified? I think maybe that is what Dhrup was suggesting, no sure. This is why I think a meeting of the minds would be good is someone like Cash was willing to hear some ideas kicked around. If no one but me sees "full width group river" as the default view in groups, then I am on my own, and I will proceed on my own. This is a mainstay of what I see a huge improvement in groups first and foremost.

  • the problem is " a meeting of the minds " can't represent all elgg community :-) then @Cash & C. have always nice ideas. 1.8 is still in hard develop but the idea to have a widget framework is a good base. I hope ajaxify too on tab. then they can introduce more than one widget framework for different solution.

    p.s i liike theme very clear and intuitive...for this reason i made a theme all white for my elgg site :-P  

  • @ cash    I like the two new features are added to tinymce 1.8 , as we attach an image and link is that possible to add a feature to add video from youtube. I know there is a another extended version of tinymce in community but it has also a problem to add video and it is looking outdated, it would be better if it is in default tinymce, as some time in forum we need to attach a related video , then we have no option for that.


  • i really like the tabular form of menu its easy and straigthforward menu.

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