Elgg 1.8 theming features?

Hi all,

I know this is a cheap shot, as I could download the 1.8 current build and look for myself,  but I'd really love to hear the experts/core developers on their perception of Elgg 1.8 theming features.

As of today, with Elgg 1.7+, if I get an XHTML/CSS template set for a new social site, I'd probably spend a ridiculous amount of time making that template work across all pages. Even if Elgg, in theory, has a very nice MCV approach.

Quite a number of open source CMS frameworks already tackled this issue, I think Drupal has particulary nice aproach to theming content. Typo3 also has an excellent way to map an xhtml template section to a type of content. I assume, given the history of Elgg core development, that 1.8 will deliver huge in terms of theming.

So my question boils down to this: am I anticipating too much, or 1.8 will really kick ass in terms of theming a site?



  • @ cash I played with latest SVN updates for elgg 1.8 I like your hard work but now all tabs are removed from 1.8 profile but I personaly likes the tabbed profile , I dont want to add any widgets on profile is that possible to release 1.8 with tabbed or without tabbed profile.??

  • @agree with ghumanz :-)

  • @Brett any chance of Ajaxfying the owner block as a drop down in 1.8? Has anyone done this somewhere? I really am starting to place more stuff on the left hand column under the owner block and that darn menu is just gangly as all get out.

  • Which "owner block" ? the Profile one ? elaborate... ;-)

  • I wrote a completely new widget framework from scratch for Elgg 1.8. The default profile plugin uses this, but the tabbed profile is here: http://trac.elgg.org/browser/plugins/trunk/tabbed_profile. People get to choose. Haven't decided what the best way is to distribute the additional plugins in http://code.elgg.org/plugins

    I also generalized the CSS and JS for the hover menu (as seen on user avatars in 1.7) so that it can be reused elsewhere.

  • It would be a nice addition to have tabbed profiles :D

  • image

    These are some suggestions for tabbed profile if possible, please add ajax to all tabs to reduce server load add to save the whole page refresh every time.  thanks add please add some user point , profile views, or joined date under profile pic. thanks everybody.

  • one more thing as I aatch a pic above it need to be auto matically reduce its width according to site, now it is looking odd and no site user set dimentions at the time of addings pics to forum and blogs which are looking odd. thanks

  • @GH

    LOLZ ;-)

    You are not asking for "too much code" !

    "..user point , profile views, or joined date under profile pic"

    -- These would have to handled by the respective current PlugIns that provide such data = not to be considered "core" functionalities.

    The "Ajaxifying..." ;-)
    I do not believe that the code effort required for this is trivial for the average Elggster coder - and there are more of those circulating rather than the code heavyweights..

    But, nonetheless, despite all problems ans apathy.. v1.8 will roll out fine in good time ;-)

    Intention is not to discourage too much but to point out that we need to be quite practical with "requirements" in this world of Elggsters where 10% do the real code work and 90% enjoy ;-P


    If you're following my v1.8 posts -
    you'll already know of my keen interest(s) in v1.8. theming and PlugIns (& compatibilities & etc).
    gudnight - time for muh late night pre-sleep"snacks".

  • @Cash I can see you have taken liberty to improve some of the UI of 1.8. Wonderful. I don't know if you caught and of my thoughts on GROUPS lately, but I sure think a default view of a Group River with comments with be both stimulating and pleasing. I am planning to do hire some one for this in 1.7 soon as I may be stuck in 1.7 for some time.

    My left column would be only list updates, file titles, video titles, first few blog post words etc.

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