Not totally honest, Cash

Cash, in the other thread about token time out, you were not totally honest. There was a ticket filed and I think it is quite obviously regarding the same issue:

And it was even set to "won't fix." How about that? This shows you have a fatal flaw in the system you are using and you blatantly say, "won't fix."

So, let's be honest, Cash. You just don't want to fix it, maybe because you don't care? or maybe because no one on the Elgg developer team can figure out a fix?


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  • And you really want me to submit a ticket, when I should only anticipate the ticket being set to "won't fix"?! What a motivation killer for any of us, Cash! You say that this is where you spend most of your time, in trac, and you can keep track of everything better there, yet you would set such a basic, rudimentary and fairly significant bug to "won't fix." Pathetic! My assessment of Elgg, at this point, is still the same! [removed]!!!!

  • @Yakiv Elgg is a masterpiece. Stop the nonsense, close this topic. If you don't like elgg or think it "has several bugs", well, it's time to use another platform don't you think? 

  • I guess it is easier to refer to my factual posts as nonsense instead of deal with reality. I guess everyone would rather stick their head in the sand.

    I guess you don't believe in what Open Source projects are all about. One of the hallmarks of Open Source development is the community finding errors, bugs, etc. and raising the issues. You say, "Fine, but I don't like how you are raising them!" And I would say, "They've been raised very politely before and we see the result! 'Won't fix'"!!!

  • @Yakiv Well, yeah, users feedback is very important and useful to the developers. However, as a programmer, I must say that bugs are hard to fix. I remember way back when I was doing a game for Xbox 360, we encounter a huge bug, and it took us more than three weeks to solve it... You have to understand that thousand of bugs are being reported as we speak, and sometimes you don't have the time or the money to debug...

  • rjcalifornia, this problem has been arround since Elgg 1.5. That's hardly 3 weeks!

  • This has been discussed enough.  I am closing this thread and will delete any similar threads opened that are as disrespectful.

    Yakiv, you are trolling.  If you want to continue to be a member of this community, adopt a respectful attitude.  If you don't like Elgg or can't be respectful and civil in your posts it's time to move on.


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