Email Admin on user registration


Can any of great developers or admins point me in code direction to add this functionality.

I need for admin to receive email when user registers. Same as when they register or after validate email, they receive email with username and account info, where can I add code to include admin as well to receive this email?

Where to look?


  • Thanks Webgalli, I really would prefer a simple "hack" over a complicated plugin like Siteaccess (already have too many plugins as it is).

    Anyone knows of a different way to do this? without using a plugin? I looked in "uservalidationbyemail" plugin files but could not find where to add for admin to get email when Elgg sends email to user after registration/validation.


  • If you don't need site access plugin you can have a small hack on the uservalidationbyemail plugin to send the admin after validation process is over.

  • Thanks Webgalli, got it working..;-)

    With little tips from Dhrup and I was able to get it working.


  • @Free Articles,

    You might very well know more than I do about Elgg, but ...

    Be careful about simple hacks versus plugins. Next time there is an upgrade (and you really do have to keep your software current), all your hacks to Elgg core and the default plugins will get overwritten.

    Plugins really are the way to go. And when you DO make a hack, the best way is using your own site-specific plugin.


  • Juipo

    That is a valid point Stephen, This particular hack could actually be turned into separate plugin but when you hack core plugins, make sure to keep a list of hacked ones and detailed instructions on what and where was hacked, it will save you headaches later.

    I always try to extend/override any fuctionality in the Theme itself, so upgrading is much easier.


  • @free articles, the better way is to code it as plugin hook on registration action.