How to implement registration CAPTCHA?


I have an elgg site that I recently upgraded from 1.2 to 1.7 because I needed a CAPTCHA on the registration form (we've been getting deluged with spam registrations and posts).

I enabled the captcha plugin on the Tools page, and I got the CAPTCHA image & field to show up on the registration form, but it doesn't work. I tried leaving the captcha field blank and submitted my registration, and it was successful. What am I missing?


  • I figured this out soon after posting, but I guess you can't delete your own posts. :)

    I forgot (since the site was built almost two years ago) that I had overridden the default registration action to have a different name. Updated the CAPTCHA hook to reference the new action name and it works now. Too bad the captcha does not stop the spam, however. ;)