Group description - Need your help

Surprising , I am using 1.7.3 and not seeing the option to post group description . I have seen thread here ,

but no solution found . Here is how my image looks when I click on edit on groups home page. Could someone please help me ..?


  • Taking a look at the groups plugin start.php I see the following: 

    $CONFIG->group = trigger_plugin_hook('profile:fields', 'group', NULL, $profile_defaults);

    The $profile_defaults contains the name, description, brief description, etc.. fields. 

    My guess is that some plugin is registering for that hook and altering the return value.. I can't tell for sure as my groups edit action is fine. 

    Try installing the excellent 'Elgg Developer Tools' plugin ( and inspect the plugin hooks to see if there is anything subscribed to the profile:fields hook. 


  • Thanks a lot Jeff Tilson . I am really bad . I enabled profile plugin and was not knowing this ( not even looked at the plugins properly) . In profile plugin just imported all the default fields and It worked .

    Thanks again



  • If there is any way to dispplay limited description if it has more then 300 characters and place read more button to display the full view? It s anoying if the description is very long and moves down all the videos, calendar etc.