passwords must match error


I made a test Ellg installation in a subdirectory on my mainsite (=

Everything works normal.

Now I made a second installation in the subdomain I have set up for it (=

The installation went fine, but when I come to the screen where I am to sign up as the first user I get a "passwords must match" error over and over again. Even though I am sure the passwords I enter in both boxes are identical. I have even tried with the password "a", but still gives a "passwords must match" error and I cannot proceed any further.

What could be the possible cause and solution to this?




  • Passwords also have a minimum limit.  If you enter a password of 'a' you should get a "too short password" error.

    Did you do a fresh installation or try to move your previous installation? 

  • Hi Brett,


    It is a fresh install with a new database for it.

    The settings.php and .htaccess files where newly created based on instructions the pages gave me.


    Both long and short passwords keep giving the "passwords must match" error no matter what I try.


  • OK.

    I did some further testing and what I found is this.

    The 'passwords must match' error only happens when I work on Firefox browser.

    When I use Internet Explorer (IE8), I can register and log in normally.

    Then when I try to log in from Firefox browser with same username and password that was set through IE8, it doesn't work ("we couldn't log in..." error message).

    I have tested it from various computers, always with same result.

    You can test it for yourself.

    Try to sign up on:

    With Firefox you will get the "passwords must match" error, on IE8 no problems.

    Next try to log in with Firefox... doesn't go..

    This is completely puzzling me. Any hints what could cause this would be appreciated. I want to go live with my network, but it is a major problem if it doesn't work on all standards browsers.





  • I just signed up and logged in using Firefox 3.6.12:  

    1.7.4 has been out for a while and we've received no other reports of problems in FF, so this sounds like something specific to your setup or browser environment.  What version of FF have you checked on?  Is FF behind a proxy and IE not?  Any FF plugins that might affect it?

  • Thanks.

    Latest version of Firefox on all 3 our computers (one Windows 7, two XP).

    But they all work over the same broadband connection, so somehow the reason can only be there.

    Anyway, I have decided to use my test elgg site as the live one. That installation has given no problems so far.