Huge String of Unreadable Text

Hello all.

I am setting up a new Elgg site with 1.7.4. I'm slowly importing and testing the plugins, themes, and other piece-parts I had assembled for an earlier version of 1.7. The new site is almost ready except for the settings page, which is showing a HUGE string of unreadable characters between the words "Your language" (associated with 'user:language:label' in en.php) and the dropdown menu showing English, the only language 100% available on the site. (Spanish is also an option, and the drop-down menu indicates that it is 2.66% complete.) Here's a sample:

�èi7,�/����Х��Å�0��ە��0J�%|a��:4Pn�Y�I�x)�f�@���0MX��;q�LDt�l�_9� �;��I�eFr�@�S�Y�EI�U �q�n���F�<���c��?�n�Gt4߿��pД���KF�E��EU���v�r~�h~=m�X'��2�<��i��C0\&R@���r�_�O����P�`M�֑"&aª�чѕ���u�&�r�4kQ;M���o�����C�g�1vQ5��Ll�^,4�QUI�6�S

Outside of en.php, 'user:language:label' appears only in views/default/user/settings/language.php. I have tried uploading a copy of that file from the old site to the new one, and I've also tried replacing that file on the new site with a copy from a fresh Elgg package. No luck.

Here are some screenshots. The first shows where the problem starts on the settings page for any user account. The second image shows the end of the string.

Any ideas about how to fix this? If it can't be fixed, can it be safely brushed under the rug, since users won't be needing to select from among several languages anyway?

Please err on the side of overexplanation, if you can stand to.



  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my most favourite problem ;-)

    some months ago - I got the exact same display problem on my XAMPP profile display.

    it took me several days of investigation to figure out what was causing this. there seems to be no clear solution that i can deliver in one short sentence - after it was several days of hard work. you well need to slowly go thru all your language php files and look for something 'funny' in the data stored - the cause may well be hidden characters.

    good luck ;-)


  • Hidden characters? Greeeeaaaaaaat. Time to zap some dingbats with Textwrangler, I guess.

    The easy alternative is to just delete the part of the aforementioned language file that elgg_echoes the drop-down menu. If that makes the string go away, I'm probably fine, right?

  • This is a result of a binary file being included as a language file.  Look in the language directories for any hidden files (files that start with a dot) or any files that aren't PHP files.

  • Brett—

    That was it. Impressive!

    I had some .zip backups of language files within a couple language directories. Handy for R&D, but otherwise not advisable.

    Thanks again. Props.