Reorder Profile Menus

I'm looking for the source code that determines the order of the Profile menus that appear beneath a users profile picture: Add friend, Report this, etc.

I want to place 'Remove Friend' at the very bottom of the Profile Menu links because members have accidentally clicked this and well, removed friends ; )

Anyone know how I can change the order of profile menu links??

Thanks in advance!

  • The view in the profile plugin that displays the remove friend link is: "profile/menu/friendlinks" but that only contains that one link.  
    The view you're after that would determine the order is this one: "profile/icon"
    You could override that "profile/icon" view and echo the "profile/menu/links" view before the "profile/menu/friendlinks"
    Theres a guide on the for overriding views:
    Hope that helps!