Content Submission - Pulling my hair out still, over how Elgg handles this!

I am so sick and tired of how Elgg is STILL handling these tokens and content submission!

I just lost a fairly long comment that I was posting to one of the plugins, which had several questions and good suggestions. But apparently I had already had that tab open too long before I began typing the message and then when I got ready to submit it, I got another one of those expired page messages!


I simply cannot use Elgg. I had already thought for some time that I would just build my social networks in Drupal. I am convinced NOW that this is what I am going to do.

Rather disappointing! I was really loving Jeroen's new profile manager plugin. And I think that the whole Elgg experience is generally speaking much easier to set-up and get going.

However, I simply CANNOT have such IDIOTIC messages and handling of user contributions!

Imagine hundreds of users encountering the same thing all of the time! They worked SO HARD on a content contribution to the site. They UNFORTUNATELY did not type up the content in notepad or wordpad or word, before pasting it into the form on Elgg. They DON'T have the content ANYWHERE ELSE and it was ORIGINAL CONTENT. And now they get this ASININE error message about the page expiring and they have LOST THEIR CONTENT FOREVER!

Thanks alot, [removed]! I HATE YOU FOREVER.

The days of Classic Elgg are gone, when this [removed] stuff never happened!

  • you can go back in the browser and the message will still be there when you hit reply.. ;)

  • NO, tunist, you are not correct! In fact, I did hit the back button and the message was gone!

    Granted, maybe another browser would be more graceful to the user, but afterall, I am using the best browser! Firefox!

  • it works in chromium at least.

    just so you know, you need to click the reply button again to get the textbox to open up before you will see the text.

    as far as i know the error code is in reference to a page timeout.. but i don't know for sure.

  • Yes, I know, tunist, it is because of a token timeout. But you know, even back in Elgg 0.8.2, this was not a problem! And this didn't even happen in the new Elgg until they introduced these STUPID tokens.

    The problem is, you cannot predict what browser a user would have or how savvy they might be. But, you CAN predict that if this happens to a user, they may never use your site again! And they won't be saying, [removed] They will be saying, [removed]!

    Websites in general, but ESPECIALLY social networks, need to be INTUITIVE! And it is simply NOT intuitive to either refresh the page before you enter your text or to use the right browser or to hit the back button with the right browser and click the reply button again to get back your text.


  • perhaps this can be resolved by exposing the timeout variable to allow admins to set a longer timeout for posting..

    and then you can also edit the language files to customise the notification message that the site puts out.

  • Maybe you should kick the developers in the proverbial ass and get them to fix this? We've been complaining about this since they implemented the tokens! I am sick and tired of it! They won't fix a BASIC functional issue with Elgg. I consider this a go/no-go issue. You canNOT discourage your user base like this. I, as a user on this site, was angered by my post being lost. How much more will users on your site?!

  • Yakiv,

    You really should ask the Elgg developers for your money back.  It's unconscienable that after all the money you have paid for their product, that they are unresponse to your helpful, constructive, and polite messages.

    @tunist - thanks for trying.


  • [removed] #1, I have a right to not use Elgg anymore and, #2, I have a right to tell everyone that [removed].

  • a quick search in the community here for 'timeout' reveals:

    which gives a workaround way of extending the timeout.

    the file is->



    changing the following variables in the main elgg language file will provide alternate notification message text when this does occur:

    'actiongatekeeper:missingfields' => 'Form is missing __token or __ts fields',

    'actiongatekeeper:tokeninvalid' => "We encountered an error (token mismatch). This probably means that the page you were using expired. Please try again.",


    I agree that this needs to be ammended in the core, but this will at least provide a way to change the behaviour that is triggering your rage!


  • @Tunist ->

    If you want to test out your approach for 'exposing' the token timer -  PM me and we can try out some new angles ;)

    I would go for settings.php to have a new global viz -

    // Token Timeout Global
    $CONFIG->Token Timeout = 86400 ; // time in seconds (using 24 hours as example here)

    Then a small tweak in the core would pick up this value and drive the token timeout - which is currently 1 hour -- so we can define any time period for this to allow users' posts, etc to not die away if they should be typing rather s-l-o-w..

    Let me know... It's only 2 lines of extra code ;-P


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