Friend Request Prob! (an epic of probs..)


Since the default elgg 1.7.1 was adding entry on river as soon as a request is made, I tried "friend request" mod. But, once the request is sent, it does not appear (!) as a request, but the box is empty.

See image...


What can I do? I am really frustrated with this emply feature, for some other mod too, say...river_comment .... external_page...

  • Hello Guys,

    What do you use to do this,

    1.  A added B as his friend  [Nothing happens on riverdashboard ]

    2. B confirms/accepts A's request for friend.  **

    3. After step 2, a riverdashboard entry is created!


    ** When someone invites a user B to join a "group" a nice looking email comes, saying accept/ it also possible for friend request? Correnltly for my site, email comes with a link, then user click it, it takes him to the profile page of the sender. THEN, the user have to click "add friend" one again. It creates  second entry on the river!!!!


  • In the friend requests mod, you'll have to have add the add to river calls in the action that processes the confirmation. I'm not familiar with that plugin so I cannot provide any specific advice.