external link target=_blank

I would like help on this item. It works but shows target=_blank. I would like to create an Iframe to target the external links but will settle for my current solution. I just don't want the script to be viewed.



  • "IFrame"  is an HTML construct... and so - why "..don't want the script to be viewed..." ?? This could be done using jQuery/AJAX/PHP.. to wrest control of the actual JS/ HTML away from the browser. However if you want to "hide" the JS - no chance of stopping someone who knows jQ, JS,PHP - They'll get the code if they want ;-)

  • Now it stopped working when I added a new feature. The added new feature was a meebo chatroom.

    ugh http://allinoneportal.com I was thinking about upgrading to elgg 1.7.4 but dunno if this will resolve this issue. Should I upgrade....lol 

  • The problem is likely a conflict between whatever you did to get links going to an iframe and the chatroom plugin. Upgrading is not going to fix that.