plugin for business cards

Is there any plugin to handle with business cards??

  • I did make a qr code vcard plugin which as part of that creates a vcf file. You do need to edit the script to have it make the vcf you want though. 

  • Thanks for your response. Ya. I did. That's a nice plugin. But i need to display all users bcards as an index, and also want to send those through mails. That bcard should be as like as user profile page. I modified something and create a plugin. But since i'm not too familiar with codes, i couldn't get profile page fields to this one. Can you help me with this pls??

  • couldn't you use tidypics for this? at most I think all it would take is renaming most of the views titles and instructions to more explain what you wish your members to do on the page. also maybe changing the maximum filesize / imagesize to fit only standard business card sizes.

  • Ya. Sounds good. Thanks. I'm gonna try this.