how to create static pages


I want to create static pages like about us, contact us, etc on elgg installation. How can i acheive that and also able to edit these pages from the admin backend?


  • @Luckyman24, there are 3 options, either to copy the externalpages module and use with your custome name, which i did not tried and other is to modify the externalpages module, which I did and it worked fine. I am able to update contents of the created pages from backend.

    I am also use to of wordpress and joomla but you see un-luckily elgg is not a TYPICALL cms but a community platform

  • Elgg isn't a CMS and not supposed to be a CMS, it's an open source social networking framework. 

    Static pages can be achieved with relative ease if you can code a bit. Modifying the externalpages plugin can be a good way to do that. 

  • you can also use the developer tools plugin to create a shell for a new plugin.. which will auto patch in whichever blank pages you like.. with the relevant submenu options and urls preconfigured. ;)

  • @Ura soul: I need detail on applying this method to create state pages. I intend to set up pages with a list of people with their photos and descriptions by the side.

  • Thanks Ismayil Khayredinov, I downloaded the "anypage" folder and copied it to the mod folder as a plugin it . It doesnt appear on the plugin list in elgg. I changed the "required version" to 1.9 instead of 2.3 because my elgg is 1.10. Advice.

  • Advice? Have you ever tried playing a CD in a tape recorder? There is a reason it's called a required version.