how to create static pages


I want to create static pages like about us, contact us, etc on elgg installation. How can i acheive that and also able to edit these pages from the admin backend?


  • Isn't that just the core externalpages plugin? You can extend views of that one with a new plugin creating additional pages. The administration is currently done via the admin page so just copy paste code from the core plugin to your plugin, edit the views section and off you go I would think.

  • Thanks Walkers

    if you provide a sample of code or structure details, that would be helpful.

  • Nauman dont you see what Walkers just said ?

    look at the core externalpages plugin


  • of corse jaxcatz i see it. i dont think its harm to ask anything which u dont know. or is it?

  • @Naumann

    Enabling the core externalpages plugin will give you most of what you want. By default an about, terms and privacy page. If you want to know how a plugin loads the pages always start in the start.php file. Here you can see it creates a page handler and extends views to the footer and the front page. This view files can be found in the /views/default/expages directory of the plugin. When viewing a page the plugin loads the index.php by default. When you look at the the index.php page you can see that it is going to refer you to the type of page you are interested in ($type = get_input("type")). You are referred to the menu.php page where you can find the menu bar with the links. If you want one more page that would be the place to add an extra link. Just start playing around with this and see what it does. Playing is the biggest part of learning ;-). There is also alot in the documentation, so it shouldn't be that hard to figure it out how to add extra pages and get the plugin to do what you want.

  • Walkers, thank you very much for your help. I have worked on many CMS / farmeworks of php. Elgg is new for me, so just thought to get the piece of knowledge from already knwoledgable guys :)

    thanks again

  • Just search on how to extend external pages,  I think these topics are discussed many months back.

  • Hi,

    im new. i worked with many cms systems and communities.

    i cannot figuer out how to create static sites. i would like to have static sites to leave infrmations for users... in the style of the elgg community "tabs"

    i cannot find a plugin for this.

    the externalpages are to less.

  • I had written a step by step tutorial on how to create a new external pages.

    Althoough written in 1.6.1 version, I think should work on 1.7.4 as well.


  • Hi Shouvik,

    thanks, thats helpfull.
    But is there no plugin to manage pages like in a cms (wordpress, joomla)?

    My problem is that i have to change the content of the static sites a couple times a month...

    any ideas?