Basic functions not found in elgg?

Definite newbie here. Went from having never heard of elgg 3 weeks ago to putting together a feature rich site in that short time. I'm very impressed with the sheer number of plugins available.

That said there are several functions that seem common to other social sites but that are not in the core elgg and I have not come across plugins for after searching far and wide, so I figured I'd list them here if anyone can point me in the right direction.

1. # of Profile views listed on the profile page

2. Number of comments the user has made on the profile page

3. Link to all of an individual users comments

4. Numbered comments

5. "quote" or "reply" function on comment when responding directly to another comment

6. Ability to "report this" on individual comments rather than an entire page

7. Time/Date stamp on comments

8. Users join date on profile page

9. Number of page views/comments on any commentable screen


I appologize for throwing so many different things out there, these are just all seemingly basic features I am surprised to not be able to find.

  • 3 Weeks LOLZ ;) is a rather short time-frame to be throwing so much critique he he hehhhhh.

  • DhrupDeScoop...wasn't intended as a critique. They are just things I haven't come across that seemed (to me) to be basic features on a social network. It very well could be that I just don't know what I'm doing or where to look ;-) So was hoping if this stuff is out there someone could point me in the right direction to look for it.

  • NOT Taken as negative critique...

    Oki I think 1/2 of the stuff is floating around in some PlugIns.. Some of the listed features just doan exist - so gotta code the shtz ;-)

  • @madd69

    A quick thought for 1: Jeroen Dalsem's profile counter plugin. Currently shows the count on the settings tab but wouldn't take you much to program it to show on the profile page by adding a new profile view page. (Indeed you "gotta code the shtz".) 8 could be in the same view as join date is stored in the database so a direct call would solve that ($user->time_created), maybe 1 or 2 lines of code. For the other I suggest taken a look at the rivercomments plugin I think it was called? Maybe that can be easily  extended with a counter. For how to do that you could take a look at how Jeroen did it in the profile counter plugin and copy/paste that and edit it to do what you want. If you got this far in only three weeks this shouldn't be too much work for you.