Anyone tried ?

Has anyone tried for Elgg based sites?

  • "Untrue, I honestly wouldnt trequire you to upgrade to a gbps line, but your websites going to be slow. I guess that shouldnt be my problem though as long as its up and you get unlimited bandwidth correct?"


    The word 'bandwidth' refers to the 'width of the pipe' so to speak, so in other words 'the total amount of data that can be transfered through a connection in any one moment'.. so really 'unlimited bandwidth' is an impossibility using computer technology as it stands in 'the public domain', i.e. the internet. 

    id you go by the actual 'data transfer capacity' which is what many people will be taking 'unlimited bandwidth' to mean (e.g. an unlimited number of people can connect to my website and do whatever they like without the data being cut off or slowing down) then it is not unlimited either.. it is limited by the bandwidth of the pipe..

    so 'unlimited bandwidth' is incorrect and untrue no matter how you look at it using this technology.


    your continued avoidance of this is exactly what i have been referring to all along.. and to be honest, i'm only continuing the conversation because i am attempting to find out which aspect of your consciousness has been switched off, so that i might further understand the extend of the denial programming that has been ingrained into humanity... in other words, i am attempting to assist you to debug your own mind and soul by highlighting what you are ignoring.. gently prodding you to see why you are in denial.


    unlimited means WITHOUT LIMIT. no limit... zero limit.. there is no limit... lol


  • Hey guys I have joined and I will certainly not recommend it to anyone in the elgg community atleast till now.Their plans are attractive but they have host of problems.There name servers are down sometimes that is I am able to access the cpanel and webmail through IP address but I am not able to access it through the domain name.Then the performance of the servers dipped few days back.

    I sincerely hope that they solve their problems as soon as possible but as of now I won't recommend hostwinds to the elgg community.

  • That's what I said


    "go tunist !!".



  • @tunist, yes in a truly technical sense you are right it is not truly unlimited, you are limited by the uplink speed of our server, which currently is on a 100MBS line. So being 100% honest if a client was maxing out the line 24/7 then that would limit them to 250 terabytes or 256,810 gigabytes per month. (I got this number by multiplying 100mbs * 2,629,743.83 (seconds in a month)) I then converted that number (262,974,383) to GB and TB. So everyone here as long as you arent using 250 terabytes a month of data transfer I see no reason why we would ever run into any problems.


    I know we have had are ups and downs since you joined, but I hope that you will let everyone here know how stable we have been recently. I want to provide the best hosting that I possibly can and the most important thing is my customer's satisfaction. I have already credited your account with free hosting. If there is anything else I could do in order to make your hosting a more pleasent experince then please by all means let me know, and I will take care of you.


  • @HostWinds : yesterday I got my account suspended coz of excessive CPU usage.I am very sorry about that part.But your website claims that before an account is suspended or terminated,the User will be notified about.Had i been aware of it,I would have been more careful about it.So what makes you different 4rm the others?U all r the same and please dont say that the most important for you is customer satisfaction.I contacted the live help which claimed my site would be up quickly and guess what it still suspended.Check it out here HeyBuddy and guys c it urself.I was developing this website as part of a project and guess what nw i would get a bang bang 4rm my teachers.Hw am i going 2 show it 2 them and what will do with free hosting if my account stays suspended.

  • VPS (virtual private servers) are as cheap as signing up for shared hosting. I've had really bad experience with shared hosting and now I avoided by going upgrading to a VPS for $5 a month. The reason why it's so cheap is because it's bare bone, meaning, they just install the operating system. You can also go with the managed plan, where they install the things you need but that's gonna cost extra. My advise is to upgrade AVOID SHARED HOSTING!

  • Unfortunately, there is no plan specfied on Hostwinds who don't need CPanel at all. I like to manage my server without any control panel. That saves both RAM and money, LOL!

  • i use a cpanel alternative called webmin, it manages my dns, mysql, mail servers and a whole lot of other features i need to get elgg running. i love it more than cpanel

  • No, I mean I don't use any control panel, CPanel, Webmin Plesk, ISPConfig ... none of them. And, use for DSN server with Google Apps for mail.

    This helps me utilise more server resources. And, if for some reason I have to take my server offline, my mails still work. ;)