Anyone tried ?

Has anyone tried for Elgg based sites?

  • Hey shouvik,

    I visited this site This seems cheapest possible hosting and so there much be some cheat or hidden things to compensate prices. Also there is nothing showed about elgg.

    Comments please !

    Cheers !!

  • Hey my name is Peter, and I am the CEO of I want to assure everyone here that we do indeed support ELGG based websites.

    I also want to assure you that our prices are not a scam and we have nothing hidden. We even offer a 100% 30 Day money back guarantee. Our servers are fast and we have a strict policy of never letting any of our servers average with a load > 1. Give us a try today, you really don't have anything to lose. We accept PayPal :)

  • in every case.. where 'unlimited hosting' is offered.. it never is.. obviously to anyone with the ability to count numerically this is an impossibility unless we are operating using direct reality creation and not mechanistic 'tree/oil burning' technology.


    usually with 'unlimited' hosting packages there are clauses such as 'cannot host video files for streaming' and so on... i have spent many hours talking to host operators on this subject and they are often more slithery than politicians when it comes to avoiding the truth.

  • I dont need to be "slithery or evil at all" Here is our unlimited hosting policy straight from the TOS

     “The unlimited disk space and bandwidth may only be used to store and transfer files relevant to the website(s)  being hosted. An account suspension may result if a large amount of  non-relevant files are found on a clients account, or if any clients  usage is causing extreme server downtime. In these extreme cases the  client will be notified of a need to upgrade to a more powerful server  (VPS). We will NEVER terminate a clients account, and we will only  suspend accounts in the most extreme circumstances (That is it is  causing the server to crash). We have never had to suspend a client’s  account thus far, and we have also never had to have a client upgrade  their account.

  • so in this case the the most obvious limit upon the unlimited is the server processing capacity.. is that correct? in the sense that a certain number of simultaneous connections to the server will cause 'system overload' and thus 'server downtime'?

    do you have any data to share on what that capacity may be for the lowest priced 'unlimited' hosting package your are offering?

    and also how much transfer capacity it would be possible to serve per month from one of these servers based on the limitation of the processing capacity?

    thanks for the info.. i hope you can see that i am not talking specifically about you, i have never encountered you or your site before.. i am just speaking about 100% of the other operators I have spoken to who advertise 'unlimited'.

  • I can agree with that. I have had a good experience with since they are my only and main provider for all the sites and domains I have. They have a term called Grid Hosting which is mainly the same as Shared Hosting just a few things that are different. According to some of the TECHS I have called they will not shut down your site if you Exceed any type of Montly or even SQL Database Quota. They do have a 1 GB Limit on the size of each MySQL Database but you can have as many of these UPTO 1GB Size Databases. If I were to go over I asked will they shut down my site or will I be stuck with MySQL Errors failing to connect. They said NO they will NEVER SHUT someone down for that they I guess would be notified by EMAIL and then the option to Upgrade is there for a nice price. At this point ANYONE would pay to keep their site running smoothly so I will become a easy UPGRADE Sale for them soon.

    So another thing to ask is how much is your MySQL Size Limits?? This I feel is EXTREMELY Important because one day your Elgg site will become BUSY and there will be a constant flow of updates, posts and everything. That little MySQL Database is going to Grow fast one day and without knowing both the LIMITS of your Hosting Provider and also what Happens when you HIT that LIMIT can mean the LIFE OR DEATH of your HARD WORK to make a very busy and popular site.

    We must face it that it is not all that easy to run an ELGG site. They are not Self Maintaining sites all the time but it is so rewarding just to have one. Nothing I can think of compares to running your own Social Network Site like with ELGG. When you run a very well themed and customized ELGG site with all the most popular Plugins you can find you are running a TOTAL SOCIAL NETWORK and nothing else can compare to it.

    I tend to go far off subject and also point out a lot of negatives at times but NOTHING will ever compare to the VALUE of a High Ranking Social Network and being the Founder and CEO of that site. Because you are the CEO of your site. You create a Global Social Experience that one day could be home to Millions of people.

  • If you have less than 50,000 simultaneous SQL connections you should be fine. Our Servers are beasts. 32 gigs of ram quad core i7 processors, we dont [removed]

  • so let's say 1 million people connect per day to a large video sharing site...

    with a rough average total concurrent connection level of 41000, each watching one video... 

    so 41000 videos being served at once, at 720dpi..

    you are saying that your server hardware can support this ok and the cost is $2.50 per month?

    or is there another limit that relates to total concurrent data transfer capability (bandwidth)?


  • You would have to pay the upgrade for a GBPS 100 mbs uplink could handle that kind of transfer. The server itself wouldnt have a problem, it  would simply be pushing too much data through the line at once. We have unlimited bandwidth with our  OC3 direct fiber optic Carrierso bandwidth wouldnt be an issue either. But the videos would load slowly on a 100mbs line you would see peak performance with a 1000mbs uplink.