10 more reasons to upgrade to izap_videos 3.8b.

We just release newer version of izap_videos plugin at http://www.pluginlotto.com. I will release it here on elgg community tomorrow at anytime. Actually need to capture new screeshots. Because it really has some thing new to re-capture all screen shots. So tomorrow, i will release it here on elgg community.

For the quick demo  you can check out http://sandbox.izap.in

Previous version was released on 25-Sep and 3.8b is floating exactly after 1 month, 25-Oct. Nice one. And It is 100th revision on http://izapvideos.googlecode.com. Interesting figures. :)

  • @alysami I'm using Theme_666 and i'm not sure exactly what I should edit or which file. Do I edit the header.php in my theme?  


    -And what are these files exactly:





    Sorry, i'm pretty new around here, thanks.
  • @survtime


    go to ( mod/Theme_666/views/default/page_elements ) and locate the header.php

    find out lines around 62, 63,71

    <script type="text/javascript" src=<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>"vendors/jquery/jquery-*.*.*.min.js"></script>

    and replace it with  ( vendors/jquery/jquery-1.3.2.min.js )

    and so on,

    the older virsion themes uses older virsion of jquery , and the theme header.php overwrite the original one under ( views/default/page_elements ).

    so i just open the Original one and do some matches. in fact it will solve you alot of problems in other plugins that use ( Ajax ) within it like ( comment river , and like river .... etc ). 

    good luck for you in ur elgging :)

  • @alysami Thank you very much for taking the time to help me with this issue.  I'll try what you recommended and give an update later this evening.

  • I still can't seem to get this working! Any more suggestions?

  • @SurvTime
    Just how "pretty new"  are you with Elgg, PHP and MySQL ?
    Your (sincere) answers will help the rest of us to figure out how to help you..

  • Hey any comment omn why I get the PDO_sqlit error anyone?

  • @DhrupDeScoop I launched my first Elgg site - MyForces.ca  on 23 Oct 10.  Before that I've had no experience with Elgg.  And until now, I have never had a problem I couldn't sort out with php and MySQL. The one problem with the advice so far is there is actually no header.php file in my (mod/Theme_666/views/default/page_elements) as indicated above.  Thanks again.



  • @TahoeBilly - you might wanna pay Vazco a few more moare $1000's to get answers

    @SurvTime - send me a PM with your private EMail address. I will help you for $0 ;-)

  • @Dhrup why dont you fish me the code where I am getting the pink error, maybe I can just remove the error and live happily ever after. The videos work, though I haven't tried the on server.

    Find the code where the error comes from Dhrup, thanks.