10 more reasons to upgrade to izap_videos 3.8b.

We just release newer version of izap_videos plugin at http://www.pluginlotto.com. I will release it here on elgg community tomorrow at anytime. Actually need to capture new screeshots. Because it really has some thing new to re-capture all screen shots. So tomorrow, i will release it here on elgg community.

For the quick demo  you can check out http://sandbox.izap.in

Previous version was released on 25-Sep and 3.8b is floating exactly after 1 month, 25-Oct. Nice one. And It is 100th revision on http://izapvideos.googlecode.com. Interesting figures. :)

  • In the same browser, try http://sandbox.izap.in and let me know are you able to play this or not?

  • And is this only issue with play page. I mean, Are you able to play videos in widgets, river etc?

  • it workes just great in your demo pages


    i am able to play it in widgets but not on the play page or river, the script is show on the source page referes to ( /pg/videos/playvideo/ ) but the image link to the same page URL , so it load the page again, and it interrupt  the ( tools ) button menu as will , i have to disable the plugin to make it work.


  • @alysami:  well video is getting rendered using ajax. And as you said, it seems to me there could be some conflict in id / class of elements. 

  • Anyone find a solution?  I really want this to work :) 

  • @ I Z A P , thanx for your respond i found out whats the problem is,

    @survtime, i dont know about you, but i am using a custom theme in my mod folder, and because the header of this theme is overwriting the defult header file it was just loading the wrong virsion of jquery


    open your header.php file locate on ( mod/theme_elgg_example/views/default/page_elements )

    update it with this files:




    and on line 82 add:

            <script type="text/javascript">
            jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


    i hope it works for you as it work for me

  • @ I Z A P it works like a charm :)) thanx for thats great plugin.

  • Great, I am happy that finally you figured it out. If you really like to thank us, than there is nothing better than recommendation. Please recommend izap_videos.


  • how can i remove the tag cloud that appears in the left column on various pages?

    i already have tag_cumulus installed so i have 2 tag clouds on each page... 

    i've looked through the code for izap_videos but haven't found the place where its added yet.


  • @tunist:

    Disabling of tag cloud:

    in izap_videos/views/default/izap_videos/area3.php comment out lines 19-26.