server goes to it's error page

I have completed the steps for installation up to the page requesting System settings. I fill that in, click on SAVE and it goes off to my server but gives me an error default page. My server host says that it is a coding error.

Site URl data:

Directory path:

View: default

I have tried deleting the "install.php" and also resetting the permissions on the Data and Public_html directories (now back with full permissions) to no avail.

Nothing is being written to the Data directory

Can anybody help please?

  • @cyanda: glad it worked!

    @columbusohmm: upgrading 1.7.3 to 1.7.4 is not too difficult. Safest way is to do a backup of all your data and the database prior the upgrade (always backup!), disable simple cache, filepath cache and maybe disable non-core plugins just to be on the safe side (my first attempt to upgrade failed and I think that maybe a non-core plugin was to blame). Then copy the 1.7.4 files overwriting the old files, run upgrade.php and enable caching and plugins again.

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