A few questions

I just started using elgg  yesterday and I have to say I am extremely impressed.  I just have a few questions to help me  get going.  The links for my - settings, mail, blog, administration,etc etc - are not showing up at the top elgg tool bar horizontally, they are instead lined up vertically underneath the elgg logo and cover my pages logo and some widgets.  Is there anyway that I can change this?  Also, I can't seem to find a good chat plugin, can someone recommend what they are using.  Thanks!  My site is BestFriendsConnect.com let me know what you think.

  • Which theme are you using ?

  • bottom_bar is the chat bar i'm using. i haven't used it on a production site yet, but functionally at least it is complete. :)

  • bottom_bar is nice but it makes a high capacity of error_log file and can make a production site go slow

    @survtime which theme are you using ?

  • Try moving your theme to the bottom...I couldn't get any of the chat plugins to work on my site so I use Vagipe.

  • I think he went away after asking the question hmm......

  • I'm currently experimenting with several, right now simpleblackbluetech is enabled.  I've had the same issue with the elgg toolbar with each theme I have tried.  The theme has also been moved to the very bottom with no change.  Thank you all for your quick responses, they are greatly appreciated.  It is apparent that this community is going to be a great resource. 

  • ohh you are back hmm :)

    try this - after moving the theme to the botom run upgrade.php on your browser


  • Or...a good idea to turn off both caches when making any changes...enable them again after.

  • Thanks guys, I turned off caches and cleared them and everything is working perfectly.  I also made a switch to theme 666 which is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks again for your help. 


    Now onto my next question, I am trying to get facebook connect working but I can't seem to figure out where the "connect url" in facebook application is.  I am thinking people are referring to where you enter your "site url" and "site domain"....but I can't figure out what to enter for site domain.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.