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I'm wanting to change the color of the widget titles and transparent to the bottom of a theme for Elgg.
The problem is that I am very newbie to know which lines to edit in the CSS, I would need someone to give me a hand with this please.

Excuse me for my bad English is not my language, I am using the google traductor.Gracias

  • The css file is located inside the views/default/css.php. you can use firebug to identify the codes.

  • Hola, gracias por la respuesta 

      ya pude cambiar el color de los titulos de los widget. pero lo que no puede encontrar ni cambiar toda via es el fondo, lo que quiero es que cambie cuando un usuario use el "customstyle". que lineas tendria que buscar? que tengo que agregar?


               Gracias de antemano 

  • Hi, thanks for the reply

    and I could switch the color of the titles of the widgets. But while not all find or CAN switch through the Fund, I want it I'll change when the user does not use "CustomStyle." Search for lines that would have to? I have to get that?


    Thanks in advance

  • If I get it right, you want to change the colours of the widgets and don't want to make chanegs to the core files?

    Well in that case, create a new template pluign. You can view the docs to find help for this.


    And, use Firebug add-on with firefox to locate css classes and make the changes. If you're using a template, do run the upgrade script after making the changes to the css.php file or switch off the simplecache. Otherwise, the chanegs will not take effect.

  • you can use this plugin:

    to maintain an ongoing version of the entire site's CSS which will remain even when plugins and core code are upgraded. ;)


  • Nick this is permanently changing the stock CSS over riding all other themes when turned on?

  • @billy - depending on what is entered into the CSS page for this plugin, the theme and stock CSS could be overwritten or could be left unchanged.. it totally depends on whats in the CSS file that is contained within this plugin.

    the default CSS file that's in this plugin resets a lot I think.. if you place it underneath all other plugins in the plugin list it will be run last in the compilation/parsing sequence when the webpages are rendered and will over-ride any of the previous CSS commands that are present within the CSS files of plugins, themes and so on. if you place it higher up or at the top of the list then themes that are after it will over-ride the contents of the CSS in this plugin..

    I don't have a theme plugin for my site.. other than this one.. so all my theme CSS is contained in it.. which means that when plugins and core code are upgraded i don't need to mess about with copying CSS files and maintaining changes between versions.. 

    one CSS code that makes all this much easier is '!important;' which you can place after any CSS attribute to tell the browser to make this attribute over-ride any other CSS attribute anywhere else in any CSS file that may attempt to also set the particular attribute to a different setting. so if you have one CSS attribute set in multiple places, using '!important' will ensure that this option will be the one that makes it through the CSS hierarchy.