Remove header and footer from frontpage

I have searched all day and still nothing. I want to create my frontpage "index.php" to my own design. I dont want the header or footer on tht frontapage, I want to make it a custom signup html with php login info. Can this be done?  I cant find where the hearder and footer are placed in the index.php .  thanks

  • It is hard to do that with Elgg 1.7.x. Elgg 1.8 makes it easy. The easiest way is probably to override the header and footer views in a plugin and then in those views test if you are on the front page.

  • There's some details on this in the wiki, Changing the front page and Elgg's view system which details the page elements. Hope this helps.

  • I finally created a plugin with start.php and index.php...I am able to make a blank page..its a does anyone know how to merge html with php...I just need to add the login page with my html ...thanks

  • finally did it...just in case anyone else wants to know how I did this you can download my plugin I will create a custom long as you disable the custom_index in admin files. Then you just go into bryan/index.php and edit to your likings...however, leave the php code in there becuase thats the login script.  Thanks for everyones help.