How to make "Groups" like Elgg

Hi .. I would like to make Groups look like here in Elgg

I went in my elgg site and added a new group but the options where limited i only added the tilte and an image.. How can i add also the Description, Website, tags ect. like here


  • hmmmmm :)... Well are you building site with elgg or some other framework ?

    Because default look for elgg groups is same like here

  • There are some slight differences between the groups plugin that ships with Elgg and the groups that are running here, but all of the features webbuilders mentioned are in the stock groups plugin.

  • @webbuilders You can customize it yourself.

  • I asked how i can add in Group's of elgg the description for group like here in this site as when i went to open a group there was no item that let me add the description !!

    So the question was clear .. How can i add the description for groups ...??   

    i made a fresh install i opened the plugin groups and when i went to add a group there was no description !!

    Sorry but iam new to elgg and i was waiting for a guidness ...


  • @webbuilders : the groups module in the core elgg you are dowloading will allow you to add descriptions for groups by default.

  • Hi,

    I've got the same problem. (I run Elgg Release - 1.7.3, Version)

    When I create a group I don't get the description field. Just get image and title. Stange... Any idea, someone?

    Thanks for your help.

    @rjcalifornia : How can I customize it so the description field appear? thanks to You.

  • It has been a while, but I got the same problem, it case you still have it, it was due to the order of the plugins, I honestly don't remember, but I think it should be very low in your plugins page, play around with it, it solved this issue for me.


  • Thank you for the hint. I found this thread a couple of years after the last reply because I had a similar problem. It was indeed due the conflicting plugins. I'm using Profile Manager but I didn't imported the existing group fields into Profile Manager. I did and the description reappeared in my group pages. Probably there are other plugins that interfere with groups in similar ways.