Problem Upgrading Elgg from 1.6.1

I am running on Elgg 1.6.1 and I was trying to upgrade it 1.7.3.

First, I installed a fresh 1.7.3.

Then, successfully installed the previous site on a separate location on my WAMP server. After that, copied files from previously installed 1.7.3, replacing files of 1.6.1. I edited engine/settings.php and added correct database info and tried to run the upgrade script.

But, that ended making me land on the installation page where I hade enter site information like sitename, url, etc. I proceeded. Then, I had to re-register.

Later I noticed that it went like a fresh installation. Although it is using the previous database, no update is taken from it.


Please, help!

  • I have duplicate Elgg sites before, Brett. But, here I am trying to upgrade it to the latest version.

    Could anyone help me a bit with this upgrade ...?

  • There's no need to ping or bump posts.

    If it's taking you to the installation page, there is a problem with your duplicated database or database prefix.  Try the migration again.

  • But the same database makes the site run prefectly on my web-server ...!

  • You said you moved your 1.6.1 site (made the necessary changes in the database, then replaced 1.6.1 with 1.7.3 and then made the editing in settings.php). Then you run upgrade.php and after that you were asked to enter the database info at login.

    I would guess you made some mistake in editing settings.php. Therefore upgrade.php might not have been executed. After that you entered the correct database info like on a fresh installation. Now your site has access to the database but upgrade.php most likely still hasn't been executed. You could try what happens if you run upgrade.php again.

    Basically, it seems not wise to move and upgrade a site at once. I would say it's better to do one thing at one time. In your case maybe first move your Elgg 1.6.1 to your WAMP server. If it runs fine, do the upgrade. I guess you want to check if your site still works on 1.7.3 by validate the upgrade on your WAMP server. If the move and then the upgrade worked you can then do the upgrade on your live site. Better make a backup before you do that again...

  • OK, I used a different database, before starting the upgrade procedure, I made a successful server transfer. But still the same. :(

  • first you must change the connection to the date base in file engine\settings.php ( i think, that's the reason you landing on the the installation page, be sure that you not deleted the old settings.php file ;-)
    // Database username
    $CONFIG->dbuser = 'elgg';

    // Database password
    $CONFIG->dbpass = 'password';

    // Database name
    $CONFIG->dbname = 'elgg';

    then change system path's of the database

    UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = "
    D:/xampp/htdocs/elgg/" WHERE `name` = "path";

    UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = " D:/xampp/data/elgg/" WHERE `name` = "dataroot";

    UPDATE `elgg_sites_entity` SET `url` = http://localhost/elgg/ where GUID = 1;

    SELECT id FROM `elgg_metastrings` WHERE string = 'filestore::dir_root';
    to get ID    e. g.  1499
    then run update query with founded ID
    UPDATE `elgg_metastrings` set string = 'D:/xampp/data/tschirps_local/' WHERE id =1499;


  • Ok, thanks for the suggestion of not changing the settings.php file, manfred.That was causing the massive problem. I just witness that my site has lost all the images, Tidypics, Profile avatars, everything. But maybe, I am using a different data directory for my WAMP server. I will test this online and see whether it exists there too or not.

    Thanks again, people!