same size icons

I dont know what I did but I've noticed that the member icons on Newest Members are mixed up i.e it shows both 40x40 and 60x60 icons. What files do I target to change them all to 40X40? Thank you.

  • Juipo

    If you're looking for icon images, they are in \mod\profile\graphics folder (unless you're using a theme).  Try to remember last thing you did (changed the code, etc.). Your code to display latest members probably specifies size like this:

    elgg_view("profile/icon",array('entity' => $user, 'size' => 'small'))

    Hope this helps.

  • I want the icons/avatar sizes to be the same. Right now, I have 40X40 mixed up with 60x60. Any help?

  • Did you change the size at some point?

  • yes, I did something a while ago but I don't remember the files. I know there were 2 of them.

  • You would need to write a script that processes all users and resets their icons to your new size. Alternatively, you could do it in the browser by setting the width and height in the html.