Blocking uploads by type + spit error

For some reason, iZap really hates WMV. On my Queue Status tab, if a user uploads a WMV file, it will sit there until I remove it from the DB manually. It will list the WMV as zero bytes and the resulting FLV as zero bytes. I think it would be significantly easier if I could just immediately move WMV files to the trash and spit an error to the user. Is this possible? If it's not possible via iZap, how would I tell Elgg to not accept these files?

  • Well, izap is really not hates WMV. It all depends, if your FFMPEG is compiled with the desired support. Not only even WMV, you can go for more uncommon formats but it depends, how FFMPEG is compiled on your server.

  • Is there some way to stop iZap from even looking at WMV files? Actually, I think a better option would be to just list acceptable formats. I'm using Arvixe, which is supposed to have support for all this multimedia stuff. I've got no idea and I obviously can't ask them to recompile FFMPEG for me. AVI works just fine and I believe SWF also works. This would be a great feature for a future update of iZap. Amazing software and quick support-- impressive and happy!

  • Well you can ensure this , if you have ssh access of the server. I would suggest you to encode WMA file from command line. I would narrow down the exact problem.

  • I do have SSH access as well as access to your standard items through cPanel (such as error logs). I'm a bit hesitant to use it to compile anything via the command line since I don't know exactly what is crossing the line of what appropriate use is defined as for Arvixe. Getting WMV to work would be a lot better than getting rid of it.


    I'm running the most recent (25-sept?) release or iZap and Elgg 1.7.1. I'd really rather not give my site's address since its a private community catering to specific private things.