Next Release have two downloads

Brett Next release if its just an update could you please please have two downloads one for people who want to do a fresh complete upload and another just for the ONLY changed code files.  Every time a new release comes out I have alot of files I have custom coded and would help out if there could be two downloads so I know what files have been rewritten. 

  • djber69, don't broke unbroken things!

    If you have own development line, use SCM for code-control. It'd easy and save a lot of time and karma

  • 1. Do not hack the core. Instead, plugins should be written to do the customization. If that is found to be impossible, reports should be made through Elgg's trac system to explain what type of customization is being attempted.

    2. For core plugins, you can write plugins that perform your customizations in most cases.

    3. If you do change the core or core plugins, you are responsible for maintaining those changes. As Alexander mentions, using a tool like subversion makes this easier.

    4. You can see what files changed by manually looking through the revisions on this page:

    5. You can get a lit of what files have been changed using an svn client. For example for 1.7.3, checkout the 1.7 branch and run this command (where the numbers are the start and stop revision numbers): svn diff -r 6837:6899 --summarize



  • Cash, I had to hack core, because it's not extending, it's bug-hunting in reallife

    - a lot of I18n issues not resolved from 1.0 times

    - f.e calendar (CalendarPopup.js) can't be translated in "natural" way

    - I can't overload translation & template engines

    And final word for everybody

    "If you hack code and it's useful - fork Elgg on GitHub, commit changes, propose merge"

    We'll do it later for ElggRE (and maybe other 8-or-more bit users join to us in this "bad trip"), even if I'll continue to hate Git as it happens now

  • @Alexandar,

    Have you reported any of these to Trac?  That would be greatly appreciated...

  • AFAIK, most of our problems are missing in Trac (I didn't add nothing, if my memory serves me good) - most of trac tickets are (from my POV) over-generalized. Anyway, we'll (no timeline, I'll be personally NA second half of October and rather busy now) have to integrate all patches into 1.7.3 (last hand-made edits was done for 1.7.1), after it we'll have problem+working fix instead of naked trouble. At least I hope it will be so

  • I wouldnt have to custom code and change file names if elgg went after the SPAM BOTS have gotten by the recapture and uncapture issues.  I had to custom code certain things and change file names around to beat these bots.  There is a BOT called anarchary or something like that.. its programmed to registered over 200 usernames in a second and add 100 blogs and other features with just a click of a button.  They dont consider their program a BOT but rather called in backlinking which is the same thing as a spam bot!  I have not been spammed over a month now from customization the code and files.  making a mod will not work with these BOTS cuz it knows the core files.  So I am a smart webmaster to mask certain things.    LOL last time I checked this was a gpl program right???  lol  and if Cash and Even are the people who made Elgg great job your photos look like your young.  Not sure if kids are running this program or not but I hope not. 

    @Leschinsky thanks for the advice Ill take it in consideration.

  • I believe the program is called instant social anarchy program targets all elgg sites and gets away with spamming even with uncapture or recapture enabled.

  • @Alexander - it would be great if you could open specific Trac tickets for the problems that you are aware of. If they are not reported, they probably won't be fixed.

    @djber69 - If you are unable to implement your changes as plugins, you will need to manage the changes with each version. Points 3, 4, 5 above are all revelant to thate. Dealing with spam is a continuing battle. As Elgg adopts new techniques, the spammers adapt. I'm sure we will see new plugins to deal with this issue.

  •  This is the exact Link where people get this Program that can create 10,000 Automatic ELGG Accounts from 10,000 Sites with just a push of a Button. How nice someone created this to SELL so all of us who use Elgg as our main platform have almost no way to Combat again this...

    But I did find another way around this... You simply Totally Change the Register.php file. Without this file how the HECK can anyone Register right??

    So now how will people join your site??

    Simple you use Facebook Connect, OpenID or Google Friend Connect. Even Twitter Connect if that ever works. But you let Facebook and all these other plugins do all the PRE-SCREENING for you.

    Its very simular to a large company doing a Background Check before they HIRE someone. We need to Do our DUE DILLIGENCE on here and Pre-SCREEN everyone that joins our Site.

    If I had a way to force people to do Background Checks on my site I WOULD.

  • @soldierone  Are you using recaptcha and uncaptcha plugin with changed tricky field on your site?? I am using the same thing and got no automated account from last 4 months.

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