Bad! mailbox got spammed by "hello my new friend"

Surely I am not the only one... but 4 days ago I got spam messages here on messages mailbox with the title "hello my new friend" :(((

Interesting is that the sender image is ... my own ! This should not be possible, but how did it happen?

I've not replied to the no idea where it will be going !

  • I too got the same 2 days back :D hehehehe

  • There have been several incidents were spammers have sent messages to large numbers of users in the past several days. Those accounts have been deleted, but Elgg's messages plugin has a bug ( that causes those messages to stay behind and look like the receiver sent them.

    I have written a messages throttling mechanism that will automatically ban users that attempt to send many messages in a short period of time. I expect that it will be running on this site by the end of the day.

  • Just enabled it now.  One step closer to a spam-free community! :)

  • Just noticed this post.... If the Throttler is a PlugIn - I sure do hope it gets released to the community. I has noticed many, many Elggsters complaining about such similar spam. How on earth we at FK have escaped I cannot fathom.. Guess we've been lucky ;) Hmmm.. Some form of a combined BigBrother/Zaptor/other open source bayesian scripts might eventually be written.. to save us all.

  • All the code does is register a function for the 'create', 'object' event. That function does this:

    function messages_throttle($event, $object_type, $object) {
        if ($object->getSubtype() !== 'messages') {

        $msg_limit = 10;

        $params = array(
            'type' => 'object',
            'subtype' => 'messages',
            'created_time_lower' => time() - (5*60), // 5 minutes
            'metadata_names' => 'fromId',
            'metadata_values' => get_loggedin_userid(),
            'count' => TRUE,
        $num_msgs = elgg_get_entities_from_metadata($params);
        if ($num_msgs > $msg_limit) {
            ban_user(get_loggedin_userid(), 'messages throttle');

  • Yes, this is a big problem.

    @Cash: Should I put your code on /mod/messages/views/default/object/messages ?

  • @Shouvik - no, create a plugin. There are tutorials on the Elgg wiki that describe the basics of making a plugin. You need to register for the event in your init function.

  • I just received a spam message from a user named "carlister", subject was "hi". Is this a common problem among other Elgg sites as well or is it just here?

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