Elggers from India

Hi I welcome all Indian Elggers to this page :)


Im from Kerala :)


HaPPy ElGGInG :)

Do GooD :)

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Hello people, I am from India! ☺

Shouvik Mukherjee 79 days ago

Team Webgalli, Proud to be an Indian :)

Team Webgalli 79 days ago

hmm I belive more will soon follow :)

Jai HinD :)

HaPPy ElGGinG :)

Do GooD :)

jaxcatz 79 days ago

LOLZ ;-) DeScoop = ABCD hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
But phir bi.... 
mera joota hai japani, 
sar pe topi hai englishtani
code karta hun woh hai americantani
lekin dil hai asli hindustani ;-O

कल, आज, कल, हमेशा के लिए भारत ने हमेशा के लिए जीवित रहेगा! -;O

DhrupDeScoop 79 days ago

@D I was hoping that u wud somewer jump in :)

jaxcatz 79 days ago

jahan hum hai ;-)

line wahin se shuru hota hai lolz ;-)

DhrupDeScoop 79 days ago

जहाँ मैं खड़ा ..
लाइन वहीं शुरू होता है;-p)

DhrupDeScoop 79 days ago

तो और अभी भी राजा हूँ ????

DhrupDeScoop 79 days ago

Hello Everyone. I am from india

coolsam001 79 days ago

hey guys.. from bangalore,india.. :)

Ravish 78 days ago

So, anyone thinking of a get together of Elggers in India ...?

Shouvik Mukherjee 78 days ago

PrEsent Sir!

prem 78 days ago

ElGG CamP InDia  :)


jaxcatz 78 days ago

Jai Hind ! :-)

First of all let's see how many Indians are here.....

Jayadeep 78 days ago

Hey, Me Too an InDiAn !!!! Rock ON!!

Akshit 78 days ago

Namaste Mere Baharatiye Bahion aur Behano (none here so far though),


hun bhi Indian hain aur very proud of you all.

Lets create a separate site for us guys and organze events. I may be in New Delhi in September/ October.

webnovice 78 days ago

I am from India  too...presently in U.S...................

Miss India so badly:(........nthin lik it!!

Mandvika Rathore 78 days ago

great going guys....I am from andhra pradesh ....Elgg is simply the best!!

Sai Kamesh Chirala 78 days ago

I am from India (Chandigarh) now in US................

ghumanz 78 days ago

WoW :)

Let It grOw :)

VanDe MaTaRam :)


HaPPy ElGGinG :)

Do GooD :)

jaxcatz 78 days ago

Hi guys,
This is Tarun from India (Punjab). This is great honer to get invited in this discussion. Thanks
@Dhrup: You should be thank full to google translator. But good to see your great contribution :)

i Z A P 77 days ago

No one invited me here :(


webnovice 77 days ago

@webnovice... its not a invite only page...as the post says

"I welcome all Indian Elggers to this page :) "  it means its an open invi for all Indians :)

chillout :) there are many more Indians in here who are yet to come in here......

so where are you from


HaPPy ElGGInG :)

Do GooD :)


jaxcatz 76 days ago

Kahan se praghat huwe ho sahib ? Jo naam hai hindustani, to phir dil bhi hoga hindustani, haynaa ? aage phir aur kucch jaada baatein bol do yaaron ;-) Hum to pradesh se bhi apna dil wahin zamin par basaa diyaa lolz ;-O

DhrupDeScoop 76 days ago


" Chhodro kal ki baatein, kal ki baat puraani
Naye daur mein likhenge milkar nayi kahaani
Hum hindustani, hum hindustani - x2.."

DhrupDeScoop 76 days ago



No one invited me here :(


Hey, I told you about this page over Skype. Forgot me ...? LOL!

Shouvik Mukherjee 74 days ago

Hi all :)

"Info on a new browser"

A software firm from India launched a new web browser

Epic.. its the first browser to have inbuilt antivirus and it has lot more many cool features... Pls do check it out and all Indian bros & sis please pass it on... Its Indian :)

Download it free here - http://www.epicbrowser.com


HaPPy ElGGinG :)

Do GooD :)

jaxcatz 70 days ago

lolz ;-)

DhrupDeScoop 70 days ago

Hi Elgg INDIANS.....................

          I from Chennai, India...............

lingesan 54 days ago




jaxcatz 45 days ago


jaxcatz 44 days ago

Krishnashtami wishes to you all . This is Kiran from India . Currently in PA,USA  working as a senior sales tech consultant

bujji1 27 days ago

Should have marked my attendance here much earlier. Apologies.

I'm from Delhi and do a bit of Elgg work.

Should this not be a group than a page?

Shyam Somanadh 2 hours ago

@Shyam : thats a good idea.Just dropped a mail to admins

Team Webgalli an hour ago

Welcome shyam :)

jaxcatz 26 minutes ago