Files plugin with some new features?

How if we would have following new features in files plugin:

  • Every type of file would have it's own view like ( video, image, pdf, ppt etc).
  • Files would be processed according to their type like avi to flv conversion.
  • Track of some important statistics like Total downloads, Total views, Total votes.
  • Other plugins can inherits the properties to extend functionality, like izap_videos extend files plugin to add available functionalities. Say video gallery, Fav videos etc.
  • Disk quota can be assigned to each user ( custom feature: could be depends on the type of the user).
  • Files repository can be shifted to Amazon S3.
Well files plugin is already out there. But these features are also important to implement and achieve these features, i am thinking to create this plugin from scratch.
Do you think, i should put my efforts to develop such functionality?
Definitely, it would be available free to all of you like we did for izap_videos. So i am really looking for your point of view.