Moderating posts from students

I would like to know how to moderate the students who are posting in my group. Do they have to join a group in order to post or can they post to one another's blog without moderation? I have yet to sign up the students but when I do I want to be prepared for their posting. Any help would be really appreciated!

  • If a group is closed, they have to request membership and the group owner can approve them (of the owner can invite them to join).

    If a student has a blog, the student can turn comments on or off. If comments are on, anyone can comment.

    If you wanted to have moderation on all comments, you would need a plugin that adds this to Elgg. I did a quick search of the plugin repository and saw plugins for moderating the creation of "friend" relationships and the moderation of group creation. I did not see one for moderating comments.

    I don't think it would be difficult to make one. When each comment is posted, the plugin would set the access to private. The admin could go to a page with all the comments and approve them as needed (changing the access back to public).