Group profile category select - Group categories - Profile category

My Idea was new users should set their role during registration and then be served an appropriate profile form matching the chosen role. 

So I added a 'group profile category select' to the registration form, set the three 'group categories' and then made three profile forms, each set to one of the 'profile categories'. 

The 'group categories show up in the registation form as expected. But unfortunately as soon as I link a profile form to a 'profile category' I get an error: "Error: no profile form exists."

Should I add users to groups matching the chosen group profile category select? Is that possible? or am I missing something? 



  • btw I tried setting the profile forms to both public and logged in users, run elgg 1.73, and form and related 0.87 (form 0.8, flexprofile 0.8 flexreg 1.0)

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

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