Erm right then... 314 database queries on the dashboard!

First off this may sound slightly confrontational however it's not. I'm just shocked that's all.

Does anyone from Elgg care to discuss why the dashboard is using above 340 database queries for one page! Seriously. 340. How can this be feasable for any site to have this many database queries on 1 page? This isn't even including the ajax loaded widgets. Each of those has about 210 or more! I did a tally and the total number of queries just to get the dashboard to load is 1364!!!!!!!!!! And thats only with 5 widgets. Get a sudden unexpected surge in traffic and you are doomed. Get dugg and whoops there goes the server.

Hey I like the metadata based approach to the database design, it's seriously adaptable. But seriously how can you write a page that requires so many queries? Is it a matter of how the data is being pulled from the database? I was expecting a high number but come on, there must be some way of reducing this. For example, pull ALL the config info out of the database and keep it in php files.

This may sound harsh but there is no way I can launch a live site with Elgg if this is the state of affairs. And I was so looking forward to it too.

Actually I'm not going to through in the towel just yet but Elgg requires some serious hacking.


  • @phoenix

    if you are expecting to setup a large site, but do not have the resources yourself to investigate into the finer details of what Elgg offers or perhaps may have a sight shortcoming for what you envision, you  will not necesarily get satisfyng answers by posting on numerous topics, hoping that someone may have some magical answers to all your queries. Open Source -- such as Elgg particularly grows in features and power simply there are some people out here and there who - when they have spare time from their real day-work put in a lot of of effort in developing varius areas of the pkg.

    I suggested gently to you earlier.. You sound like you need a *professional consultant to investigate Elgg for what seems to a large project that you are planning. And large projects generally deserve a much more serious fact-finding approach that the "fishing" you seem to be doing.-

  • Dhrup, thanks for the sagacious response, if somewhat condescending :)

    I'm fishing because that's what one has to do when the documentation is not consistent or the search function doesn't work well. Elgg is getting superb reviews from universities and so on--it certainly looks like it deserves them!--but those are not high traffic public-web environments. I am a fairly savvy techie, but the approach of Elgg seems quite different to me. May it's this whole MVC thing, manifest files and whatnot.

    I'll study the plugin system a little more to be able to extend it, but one comes to a forum to hasten that process by, you know, asking questions. Thanks for your advice.

  • @Ph

    I did give you some small suggestion regarding "searching on google..."

    you must have realized by vaious reactions to your ostensibility as a "trolling.." may have been unintended on yr part. I told you were too many questions on too many posts. a minute statement like "Has this been fixed in 1.5? I hope!" does not go across well, unless backed up with evidence of resasnable prior attempt at research. The whole "MVC thing" becomes a moot point" -- You do .."sound like you need a *professional consultant to investigate.." if your project is that large. :High traffic" ? "public" ? ANY high traffic, public site can be sustained performancd-wise if one has a sufficiently large  budget to fund it.

  • Dhrup. I came back to see how Elgg has progressed and chanced upon your remark. Sorry mate, a tool that is defensive about the basics is not quite there yet, is it. Elgg looks really pretty and I love some of its functionality, but even on its own site the forums are sometimes terribly slow. There isn't such huge amounts of traffic on the site. And no, I shouldn't need a professional to investigate a product if the product is well-coded. Never needed any professionals in implementing PHPBB or Wordpress. Elgg's interface is what I want, but as a collaboration tool with simple document management functionality and such, it still has a long way to go. Its popularity in the academic world should not, imho, guide its development as a much more potent platform. The opportunity is for Elgg to lose.  

  • Can anyone provide an update whether new versions of elgg have resolved these issues? Are Oliver's plugin's still relevant (if not compatible)?