Elgg Hosting for testing sites

I have decided to help the ELgg community by giving free hosting for 2 months only for 5 sites.

Here is how it works. You want to try out your new elgg site. I will give you free hosting for a maximum of 2 motnhs for you to get acquainted with your site. After that you have to leave so that someone else in line can avail of this opportunity. I will give away 5 parallel hosting like this.


Additionally, I am selling hosting for elgg community specifically for a special price of Euros 15 a year.

All the above hosting is shared hosting but because we do not have many clients the resources you use are very powerful sinc ethere are not many demands form other shared acconts.

  • We have found so far that Elgg is very resource intensive.  We have had to leave other hosts because of eating up too much CPU.  It may be because of what all the plug-ins do, not sure, but even the basic Elgg seems to be a resource hog.  So, while your offer is extremely generous, not sure how the resource issue will work out.

    My partner is learning Elgg, and maybe we are doing some thing wrong which causes part of the problem it seems no matter what we do, we have the same resource problem.

  • Just do not use plugins like on-server chat, mass-mailouts, earlier versions of iZap videos, etc.

  • Ella, if your site is relatively small, it's most probable that plugins are causing your problems. We succesfully used shared hosting for Elgg website with activity stream having 10 updates per hour (similar activity as elgg.org).


    Some of the plugins can cause gigantic jump in resource usage, eg. friends of friends plugin when used on dashboard. You can probably optimize your Elgg install. It's hard to do on shared hosting, when you don't have access to diagnostic tools though.

  • @mike Even if you test a clean elgg install with no users the result is very poor. Elgg is resource intensive and very slow on shared host, in my opinion.


  • Gille, you're right in general, out of 4 shared hostings I had a chance to use only one occured to be good. The tests we've done were actually on a real users, the project was in beta version and in the end of beta had 800 registered users. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how many concurrent users we had. With some core plugins and a few well optimized custom ones, we didn't have problems though. Hosting was home.pl. We switched to dedicated server for release.

  • @Vazco

    LOLZ ;-)
    If you're "unfortunately, I'm not sure how many concurrent users we had..." why don't you download and install
    *    http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/581884/developer/Dhrup2000/scancounts
    Quick(est) way to check the Total Registered users and Current Online Users...


    PS: I've put Ella's site on my dedicated server, but their problem is a strange one !
    I've been running various apache monitoring tools on the site whenever it starts to "crawl" on speeds ;-(

  • Anyways you are wlecome to take me up on the offer since it is my way of thanking ELGG and helping ELGG grow. Since I am not a techie I am useless in elgg or anything else but I have the resources that I am able to share with elggers here. My site is workign fine http://www.ppsz.com

    The offer comes through http://www.creativehosts.com

  • @WebN

    ? r u offering Ella space on yr shared LOLZ ?

    they are already on my dedicated tee hee..

    tho I do respect your offer to anyone else who wants to check out elgg on yr (VPS) hosting.

    I have offered the same style of deal but seems most people don't even go for temporary free hosting deals.. BTW I do myself manage several commercial Elgg clients on my dedicated servers on the side.. as I have spare time to do the tech maint stuff..

    If you need (free) help with transferring external Elgg sites to your VPS - just PM me - no charge ;-)