Access and edit member email addresses

I get 'mail delivery failed' messages, when I send group member messages, for several of my members who have entered their email address incorrectly...i.e doctoom instead of doctorm and others with @hot mail instead of @hotmail.  Is there a way to see (and correct) the member email addresses so they get the messages (and I don't get the 'mail delivery failed' messages)? 

It appears I can edit these on their profile pages with 'Edit page' but, if they have not entered it there, where else can I see/edit the member email addresses?  Anywhere?  Is there a module for this?

(I didn't find anything in 'Search')


  • The email address used by Elgg for email is not the one (if any) in the profile but the one in the user settings.

    Any admin can edit the user settings by going to the profile page for that user and clicking on the red "Edit details" link below the profile image.

  • Thanks Kevin...I never reallized the 'Edit details' took you to a different page than 'Edit page'...took awhile to find them with many members but I found them all and all turned out to be members who had two active and the other not.

    At least, from here on in, I will only have to look through the newest members.

    Sure would be easier if you could view a list of email addresses.

    Thanks again!


  • @Clyde : use the "simpleusermanagement" or westors user mangement plugin. that will help  you to fix many of your problems.

  • Thanks Team Webgalli...I am already using the simpleusermanagement and the ones with the incorrectly entered emails were not listed there (don't know admin may have recognized the member and activated them...THAT will never happen again...LOL).

    The Westors mod looks like a great one (exactly what I would like to have) and I will add it soon (the comments indicate a few bugs have to be worked out).  Thanks for suggesting it.