Group Permissions and All Groups page

Odd, I joined to ask one question and just saw something else. First the original question.

I need to do a pretty obvious thing with a group, but dont know how. I want logged in users to be able to view, or read, the group pages, blogs and so on of one specific group, but not to be able to post. That means that they cannot join without an invite.

At the moment, I can either have the group open or closed - open means anyone can view and join, closed means no one can view or join without an invite - a bit over the top!

I have tried changing the group access to Logged In, but that doesn't seem to do it either. I gather in much earlier version this was all much more customiseable.

Help, anyone?

The second question is more basic - I notice that when I click on groups on this site, one of the tabs is All Groups - I would love that on my site! How do I change it? Or is this just popular or newest renamed?



Elgg 1.7.3 - loads of plugins including group access, site access (with a walled garden), and so on -  still in design phase.

  • Good question. In a future version of Elgg this should be configurable. The current version forces you to hack the core to achieve this behavior. The file: engine/lib/groups.php and the function group_gatekeeper(). Comment out $allowed = false; and see if that works like you want it to.

    Second question: it is just the popular listing renamed through a plugin.

  • Thanks, Cash. I will go and have a poke around under the hood.

  • I think that works - need to see if there are unexpected consequences. Thanks

    Where is a good place to put a HUGE list of feature ideas? Mostly tiny ones. I am not a dev, but I come from playing with Liferay - there is lots of ideas from Liferay that would benefit Elgg hugely.

    I think if I put them all in Trac the system will explode!! :)

  • It's best to use trac tickets for a single bug, idea, or enhancement.  If your feature ideas can't be atomized like that, you could put them up on a page here or on the wiki, but before they can be implemented they'll need to be migrated over to Trac as specific items.

  • Thanks Brett

    I have been doing a sort of analysis for my own benefit based on experiences with Liferay. My main reason for looking at Elgg is that Liferay really only runs comfortably on a dedicated server with plenty of ram; pretty much useless for a small community!  Elgg offers something of the feel of liferay with its group system - underlined by the fact that I notice some people in here talking about "organisations" and "communities" which is how Liferay is structured.

    I have been impressed with the implimentation of Elgg thus far, and certainly, the current private community I am building for a fishing club are, I think, going to enjoy it.

    But I have a growing list which may, or may not, be of interest to developers.

    I would probably work on it as a page first to get comment - which group would be best to add that page(s) to?

  • The Elgg roadmap group is a great place:

    A discussion thread or page would work. Thanks!

  • Ah, thanks - I am starting to write it up now. I might try and break it up a little into a handful of pages - I appologise in advance, as a writer I can be rather comprehensive in my approach!