A little help displaying basic html



I'm extremely new to elgg and php all together. So bare with me. But i'm trying to just display some plain html content inside this box on my index page. Shouldn't I be able to just do something like 


$body .= elgg_view("html/test.html");


and then whatever I have in the html file will appear in the column?


If i do, elgg_view("account/forms/login"); it will display the login form. so i didn't see why it wouldn't display an html file I made containing...



<img src="/_graphics/testone.png" alt="alt"/>

</ HTML>


if someone could help answer this simple question that would be fantastic! i just need a head start of a few things while im customizing the site thanks!


  • am also pretty new to elgg, but i think that might work if u remove the extention and have it in views

    /html/test or try making it a php file with html in it html/form  form.php in views,

    i dont know much thats just what id try