no thumbnails in riverdashboard widget


I am using elgg 1.7.3 and riverdashboard.  The iZap video plugin works just fine however the widget is broken.  I'm not sure if this is a riverdashboard problem or a iZap problem.  I did see there has been some mention of this broken widget at   Reading through those posts they seem think it is an iZap problem but no one seems to really know.  Any ideas how to get this to work?  Here's a screenshot of the widget. (ignore my trashy buttons, I haven't put up my real ones yet)



  • I would rather say it's a problem of the riverdashboard plugin.

    There were some changes in the izap_videos plugin introduced with version 3.0 already. To display the videos in widgets provided by other plugins, the php code for these widgets have to be modified. I had the same problem with the vazco_mainpage plugin, but it had been updated in the meantime.

    I don't know the riverdashboard plugin code, but I would say the same modifications are necessary here, too. It surely is annoying if a plugin doesn't fully work anymore if there are changes done in other plugins it relies on. On the other hand, such changes are necessary sometimes and then the plugins have to be updated accordingly.

  • well hell.  this is indeed frustrating. I thoroughly enjoy both plugins and would like to have them work together.  I tried copying and pasting the code from the izap video widget into the riverdashboard video widget php file but that didn't work either.  

  • HA!  I got the thumbnails to work but only after switching to Mark Harding's version of iZap videos.  found here:

    I don't know why this version works but it does.

  • good to hear that my protege's version of izap video works fine w/ the thumbnails - he's only about 15 years old lolz ;-P He's been busy with other things.. so most likely you won't hear from him too soon ;-)

  • The explanation why it works with "izap_videos with better video player" is quite simple... this plugin is based on version 1.5 of izap_videos. It has been updated over a year ago for the last time. The same with "3 column riverdashboard": updated 286 days ago.

    I guess version 2.5 of izap_videos will also still work with the "3 column riverdashboard" plugin. I've never used the "izap_videos with better video player" myself. I only know that the original izap_videos plugin in version 2.5 (maybe in version 1.5, too) had a bug that resulted in video files not getting deleted from the server when you delete them from the site. Also the original files were always saved too in addition to the converted files.

    Of course, most importantly the plugins you use have to work together. The question is if they still fully work on Elgg 1.7+ (security tokens). The izap_videos plugin in the latest version does and also a few new featured and options have been implemented. And at least all the bugs I found and reported have been fixed.