Warning about Juipo Web Design themes

Juipo Web Design has been placing a hidden div with spam links in its themes. This violates the terms of this site and the themes have been removed from the repository. Those who have downloaded and used the theme now have a hidden div at the bottom of each page plus a link to a "SEO" site. The hidden div can be removed by deleting this line in the pageshell view (mod/<theme name>/views/default/pageshells/pageshell.php): <?php echo elgg_view('js/linkPickerv1', $vars); ?>

To remove the link to the "SEO" site, edit mod/<theme name>/views/default/page_elements/footer.php.

There could be other issues with the theme so users should consider using a different theme.

Juipo Web Design was contacted before these actions were taken and given the opportunity to replace the themes with clean versions.

  • Could you explain me this? I don't really understand this...

  • Juipo Web Design has put several links to spam sites in the themes. To make sure that people do not realize this, the div was hidden. People do not see the links but a crawler for a search engine could.

  • I remember juipo saying somewhere in his theme posts as "optimised for seo"

    His themes are very nice and Im using one, the guy himself also seemed helpful but I dont understand why he put seojr.com in the footer saying "please do not delete"

    well SEO jr is an seo tips and tricks site, is that a spam site cash ?

    which google chrome warns me as "this site may harm your computer" but firefox doesnt say that...

    I cant think much or say coz Im bedridden in hospital


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)



  • It is common in different open source communities for themes to include a link to the designer of theme. Juipo has a link to their theme web site. Nothing wrong there.

    What it is not common is to link to some other site the designer is involved with to drive up the page rank of that site. That is the SEO site.

    What is even worse is to embed several other links in the theme to sites to drive up their page rank and hide those links. It appears that Juipo is taking advantage of people using his themes for his SEO business.

  • Lovegin John


    Thank you for pointing this out. Infact, Juip's themes are really interesting and can we give him another oppertunity come back to the community?

  • @ Cash. Thanks, Buddy.

    As an Elgger I am happy that people like you are around to safeguard the Elgg ethics.

    When a few generous people spend time and money to bring off something good and FREE for 1000s of others, enter the vultures to make a kill - openly (commercial license) or on the sly. The likes of Juipo should be kicked out. Why another opportunity?


  • The developer was warned multiple times about this and similar violations and had many opportunities to correct his behavior, but chose not to.  This is blatant abuse of Elgg users and won't be tolerated.  Why would you want someone who intentionally harms the community to be allowed back in it?

  • I see evryone's point here but personally I use several of his themes and to be honest don't mind links in them. I knew about it from the moment I enabled the themes but sites that are linked in there are NOT porn or anything harmfull so I did not care.

    You get something so might as well give back something. Few extra links on my site is not going to hurt me and like I said they are all legitimate sites so I did not care. I don't have money to buy "Paid" theme or hire someone to build me one so it's my way of saying "Thanks for the Free theme" and I'll send a bit of "love" your way. To me it is not that big of a deal as everyone is trying to make.  I don't see how this guy "harms the community" , community (including me) got nice theme for Free and he got some links for Free, to me it is a "Win Win" situation. But that is just my personal opinion.

    Peace out.

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