Is it possible to have a Wordpress and Elgg integration w.r.t blogs?

Is it possible to have a Wordpress and Elgg integration w.r.t blogs?

There seems to be a lots of posts and requests on this not only in but all over the net in various forums. Wordpress MU has recently merged into the new Wordpress - so MU is no more there. By integration I mean the blog of Elgg will be *seamlessly* replaced (and seamlessly upgradable too when needed) by Wordpress blog - each registered member can have her or his own blog.

Why Wordpress blog?

It already has plugin to type in unicode or indic languages tha's integrated with WYSIWYG editor
It really, really allows to choose individual themes in a super easy way
Lots of sidebar add-ons/plugins/modules  including  feed aggregations of all rss activities that an individual may do in vaious sites
It has auto-saving draft and better category creation per blog per user on the fly
It allows individual bloggers to allow several sidebar widgets

On the other hand the social net aspect is Elgg is far superior?

Can the two meet? If so is there any demo? Can that be purchaesed at (what?) price?

  • Zak and I are looking at incorporating Elgg as a "PlugIn" into WordPress to combine the best features of the two platforms.. more news later......

  • There are a lot of great reasons why this is interesting.

    In particular, WordPress has become one of the forefront CMS systems out there and there are huge amounts of people who use this system already. 

    However, Elgg standing alone, would not naturally be at an advantage for anyone wishing to use Elgg as a community... the option then would be a plugin called BuddyPress, which having experimented with, only makes Elgg shine in the one thing Elgg has a strength, the community.

    I am currently in a pre alpha stage of putting the blend together, and it will be more than a bridge. 

    If, for no other reason, I want this functionality myself.


  • Buddypress is making fast improvements and have a definite published roadap for improvement. Their comminty size is also increasing and new devs have been summonned.
    So are other social scripts - boonex, phpfox, socialengine (some are paid) who are shading off their primitive tag and some has evolved/evolving into really cool less cpu-hungry and functionally fully performing scripts. In this scenario: dev needs to happen at a fast pace. Do you think a chip-in fund would be good?

    At the onset (or the first point in the 'roadmap') can you say how difficult will it be (and how many days needed to devlope)  to have a common login so that wp login can be used to register and create wp+elgg users/members PLUS a link from profile dropdown and profile page to individual wp blogs?

  • Literally no way to put a real time on this at this point. You are right, there are increasingly better social scripts out there, but ELGG gets better too . 

    Fundamentally, how Buddypress works and how Elgg works, in philosophy on what a community site should be, is different.

    My personal thought is to have a pre alpha version in a month. 


  • Thats great news. Unless there are other plans ( or a price that single user like me can afford)  what do you say about you and your co-devs starting a chip-in fund?

    Releasing, even in alpha state a   "common login so that wp login can be used to register and create wp+elgg users/members" will be half the battle won. Not sure what other elgg users think!

  • Any progress on this ?

  • I had another person ask me about this also. Can't wait until it happens I seen that there is Joomula integration and also with some Forum Platforms and even STATUSNET Integration... I really Dislike saying Statusnet. OOps I said their name twice. But WP Integration would be very cool instead of using the very BASIC Blog Plugin with Elgg It would be a HECK of A LOT Better to have WP Integrated into Elgg.

  • Well I started work on a jfusion plugin for wordpress, for which there is already an elgg plugin but Im stuck with other projects I need to do before I can fully get to work on it.

  • I am another one looking for a WP bridge or plugin to share user login info with Elgg. Hopefully you develpers can come up with something quick.

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