Wierd ie behavior after upgrade

About a month ago, I cloned my site and upgraded the clone from 1.5 to 1.7.1.  I've been slowly working through and testing all the plugin upgrades, etc.  I generally work in Firefox and have not encountered anything that I couldn't figure out how to get past it. 

I finally figured it was time to start checking for cross-browser anomolies, so I fired up ie 8.0 and went to login to the site.

First I tried logging in as a non-admin user.  When I put in my userid and password, I stay on the home screen with an error message at the top "You must be logged in to view that page."  (I've tried other user accounts with the same result.)

Next I tried logging in as admin.  When I put in the userid and password, again I stay on the home screen with an error message at the top, this time the "We couldn't log you in.  This may be because you haven't validated..." message.

Two notes:

- I can log in to the exact same site with Firefox and Chrome with the same accounts with no problem.

- I can log in to my original 1.5 site with the same ie 8.0 browser with the same accounts with no problem.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this?  Any tips for what to look for?  (I've tried clearing the cache and cookies for the domain.)



  • IE really struggles with domains using both www or no www. Confirm that is not an issue. I also recommend upgrading to 1.7.3 as 1.7.2 has some modifications that help fix an issue with session handling when using IE with Google's chrome frame plugin.

  • Thanks Cash.  My two servers are www.domain and test.domain, so that might be it.  You said to "confirm that is not an issue" - how would I do that?

  • @Russ - Check that your Elgg installation is set to the exact same URL as what people use to access it.  If you have 'http://www.mysite.org/' in the settings, but most people just go to 'http://mysite.org/' you should change the URL to match, or set up a redirect from mysite.org to www.mysite.org.

  • Thanks Brett.  A long time ago I had a problem with that on my production server, but got the redirects all set up, so now don't have any problem with that on my production server, which is running 1.5.  Typing either http://mysite.org or http://www.mysite.org works fine.  My problems right now are with IE on my test server (1.7.1) which is reached at http://test.mysite.org

    Interestingly - probably to Cash's point - I just launched IE without going to my production site (which is what the home page for the browser is set to) but going directly to test.mysite.org and was able to successfully log in.  It seems the browser was confused by the two Elgg installations in the same domain.  Another Microsoft feature...

    Thanks guys!